Spaghetti made in Rome

Tourism and food, the ideal combination and an increasingly popular one.

Recent studies by Coldiretti bear this out, reporting that food tourism, with an estimated turnover of euro 5 billlion in 2011, is the only steadily and continuously

gwowing segment of Made in Italy holidays.

Food and local cusine attract not only foreign tourist. Indeed, one out of tree italians regard them as the most important ingredient of their holiday, even more than visiting museums and exhibitions and shopping.
Confagricoltura, the farmer’s association, in collaboration with the Rome Chamber of Commerce, has decided to highlight local farm produce by creating a new Quality Romana label.
The Label, which envisages tigh rules on production for menber breeders and farmers, will guarantee the quality, local origin and traceability of several traditional products to vegetables and fruit. From next year pasta labelled Qualità Romana will be on sale , the very first DOC Roman pasta.
The close ties with the local area and guarantee of typicalness will be a real boom for restaurant owners in italy and abroad whose Roman cuisine is increasingly appreciated. Thanks to this label, at last they will be able to make famous traditional dishes such as bucatini all’amatriciana or spaghetti cacio e pepe using ingredients rigorousluy produced in the area and certified “Made in Rome”.